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James Fenimore Cooper

Other Writers Whom He Has Influenced

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            James Fenimore Cooper to most one of the most amazing writers of all times. With the many books he wrote and his exciting life story it would be impossible for such an elite writer to not spark a bit of interest in literature in anyone. It might even be safe to say that he was capitivating in such a way that he influenced many writers to become the writers they are today.Among the many writers James Fenimore Cooper influenced were Herman Melville and Joseph Conrad.

            Herman Melville was born on August 1, 1819 and died on September 28, 1891. He was a writer in every sense. He wrote short stories, essays and novels. The first novel he wrote was “ Typee: A Peep at Polynesian Life”.  His first book was very hard to publish. His second novel however was much easier to publish and it was called “Redburn”.

            Cooper influenced the way Melville wrote. The words he wrote and the things he wrote about. It is said that Cooper introduced the style in which Melville wrote to Melville; that he wrote novels that “constitute a record of American life and society and at their best present a richness, depth, and complexity that was unsurpassed in American fiction before the works of Hawthorne and Melville.” (   It is also said that Cooper influenced the way Melville chose the themes in his stories and making the same arguments that Cooper wrote about.

            Cooper also influenced Joseph Conrad. Joseph Conrad was born on December 3 1857 and died on August 3, 1924.  He was Polish and wrote what is said to be some of the greatest books in the history of literature. He wrote mostly narratives; among them his most famous work “ Heart of Darkness”.

            Joseph Conrad like Cooper wrote in the style of romanticism. Many say that he followed Cooper’s way of writing that particular style since Cooper was mostly known for using mostly romanticism in most of his works. James Fenimore Cooper set an outline for all writers who wished to write in that particular style. Joseph Conrad also read many of James Fenimore Coopers works which motivated him to write many of the books that he wrote; following many of Cooper’s way of writing.

            Mark Twain greatly appreciated Cooper’s work. He was slightly influenced my Cooper. He said that James Fenimore Cooper was the greatest writer in “ his domain of work.” He wrote a book the book of “Literary Criticisms” in which he mentions Cooper and his flaws yet at the end comes to say that taking all the flaws away “what’s left is art”. (

            James Fenimore Cooper, a writer and idol to many. Influenced and forever changed the way in which people viewed and wrote novels in a romanticism style. Influenced many and blew away by other’s by his vast variety of amazing works. It would be an understatement to say that the people whom which he influenced end simply by the few which were talked about here.

By: Alina Gonzalez

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