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James Fenimore Cooper

Style Analysis

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           James Fennimore Cooper style of writing was known for writing stories with intense detail and plot structure. In the novel, The Pioneers, Cooper uses a quote in the beginning of each chapter as a lure to capture his audience. This style creates the setting of a suspenseful plot structure is a mysterious tone, for these quotes allow the reader to wonder what might happen next and entices them to keep on reading.

            Cooper’s style also revolves around romantic tales of adventure, which he is known for in the history of great American novelist. Other pieces such as The Last Mohicans share that vivid imagery as well. His style was criticized as not being important at the time, but with this, it allowed his differential style and topics stand out from the average ones that were being re-done each day.

            Being his style as adventure some, critics disapproved of his writings and though it to be unnecessary to the time. But it was his vivid style and impressive use of wordy grammar that enticed reader all around. His sentences where long and lengthen, stretching the words on the pages to make their description come alive in the minds of the readers.

              With quizzical and lengthy sentence, twisting the minds of readers, James Fennimore Cooper entices his readers to turn each page. His style consisted of a plethora of adjectives and personifications to enhance the setting and creation of imagery. Without his style of writing, Cooper would never be defined.

            Within is works many believe that he never quite finished his work with a sufficient ending to the plot, leaving readers guessing to what will become of the story. But with this style of writing it allowed a mysterious air to end each one of his novels. With Cooper’s use of vivid imagery throughout the novel, this allows others to recognize his historical knowledge and previous experiences.

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